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How Much To Charge For Rubbish Removal In Worcestershire

Are you looking for rubbish removal services in Worcestershire? Skip Hire Worcestershire is here to provide you with a reliable and affordable service. We understand that waste removal can be a daunting task, especially if it involves heavy loads or dangerous materials. Our team of professionals are equipped to handle the task safely and efficiently.

The Importance of Rubbish Removal

Rubbish and waste can harm both the environment and human health. Improper disposal of waste can lead to pollution of the air, water, and soil. This pollution can cause respiratory problems, infectious diseases, and even cancer. Additionally, waste can attract pests such as rodents and insects which carry diseases and can damage property.

Proper rubbish removal is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. It not only benefits the individual, but also society as a whole.

Rubbish Removal Services

We offer a range of rubbish removal services to suit your needs. Our services include:

Skip Hire

We offer skip hire services in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. Our skips come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you're doing a home renovation or clearing out your garden, we have the right skip for you.

Grab Hire

Our grab hire service is ideal for removing large amounts of waste. Our grab lorries can hold up to 16 tonnes of waste, making them perfect for commercial and industrial projects.

Wait and Load

Our wait and load service is perfect for those who don't have space for a skip. We'll send a team to your location and load the waste onto our truck. This service is quick and convenient, and eliminates the need for a skip permit.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Some types of waste require special handling due to their hazardous nature. We offer a specialised service for the removal of hazardous waste such as asbestos, chemical waste, and medical waste. Our team are trained to handle these materials safely and in accordance with regulations.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Rubbish Removal

The cost of rubbish removal varies depending on a number of factors. Here are some of the things that can affect the price:

Type of Waste

The type of waste being removed can affect the cost. Hazardous waste, for example, requires special handling and disposal which can increase the price.

Amount of Waste

The amount of waste being removed is a major factor in determining the cost. The more waste there is, the more it will cost to remove.

Weight of Waste

The weight of the waste can also affect the price. Some services charge by weight rather than volume.


The location of the waste can also affect the price. If the waste is difficult to access, it may require additional labour or special equipment which can increase the cost.

Service Type

Different types of rubbish removal services may have different costs. Wait and load services, for example, may be more expensive than skip hire due to the additional labour involved.

Our Prices

At Skip Hire Worcestershire, we offer affordable and transparent pricing for our rubbish removal services. Our prices are competitive and include all labour and disposal costs.

For skip hire, our prices start at 160 for a 4-yard skip. Additional charges may apply for location and weight of the waste.

For grab hire, our prices start at 260 for a 8-wheel grab lorry. Again, additional charges may apply for location and weight.

For wait and load services, our prices start at 60 per hour.

For hazardous waste removal, our prices vary depending on the type and amount of waste. Contact us for a quote.

Contact Us

If you're looking for reliable and affordable rubbish removal services in Worcestershire, contact Skip Hire Worcestershire. Our team of professionals is here to help you with all of your waste removal needs.

You can reach us by phone on 01905 928044, or by email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our services and prices.

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